December 4, 2023

Hope to seek refuge in the United States + desperate investors • China.Table

  • Escape from China: Stop in Queens
  • The Xi Star50 stock index is falling
  • Demands before Xi meets Biden
  • Military training, this time with Pakistan
  • Possibility of stopping sales of the 737 MAX
  • Nepal bans TikTok
  • Presidents: David Cameron is considered the door opener for China

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the The number of Chinese people entering the United States illegally is currently increasing dramatically. The reasons for their escape are different. But almost everyone faces the same problems when they arrive: What will happen next away from home?

Marcel Grzana was able to talk to Ma Joe. Ma himself applied for political asylum in the USA in 2019 – with no results so far. In an apartment building in New York, he takes care of his compatriots when they arrive. It talks about finding one’s way ideologically in a democratic system, but it also talks about very practical problems of everyday life and the state of mind of newcomers. A commitment cannot be overstated. Because returning to China would be dangerous for his citizens.

What investors are currently facing is financially dangerous Star50 expertise. In fact it should the New Technology Index from Shanghai It became a symbol of the new China: driven by innovation and technological breakthroughs. This was announced personally by President Xi Jinping, but the Shanghai Tech Index has continued to move since its launch Just a decline.

Jörn Petring explains how the Chinese government is trying to stem the decline in the value of stocks – and points out that similar measures have been used in the past. But government purchases and a ban on betting on falling prices are A quick solution cannot be provided.

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Chinese refugees in an apartment building in New York

The last hurdle before applying for asylum: the new border fence in Tijuana between Mexico and the USA.

Word spread that the wealthy Ma Guo was willing to help. Ma, a Chinese citizen of the Hui Muslim ethnicity, has been living in the United States and sheltering in place since December last year. In a rented house in Queens, New York Chinese refugees.

What he has in the last eleven months More than 200 people registered: Uyghurs, Hui, and Dong, but also many members of the dominant Han ethnic group, all of whom have fled their homeland. Sometimes for political reasons and sometimes for economic reasons. There are currently 17 people living in the New York residence, a smaller number than usual.

All of the residents entered the United States illegally via the Central American route in recent months to apply for political asylum. After crossing the border, they are arrested and detained for a few days, sometimes a few weeks. After their release, the long wait begins. Approval can take years. Many go to California or New York – hoping to find better citizens and relationships in the more liberal states of the USA.

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