June 21, 2024

Access Bars®: More Business Productivity

Increased mental clarity, increased motivation, and ease of communication

What if there were no problems, only opportunities?

What if the best way to prepare for change in it
Is strengthening the mental health of all employees?

Most people think their brains are valuable and not thinking or even stopping to think frequently is a bad thing. What if that happened exactly when inspiration struck—say, on a walk through the woods? If you are relaxed, you can open
Access to new ideas. Surprise yourself with your creativity and be one too
happiest! how? With Access Bars®!

The Access Bars® are 32 points on the head that, when gently touched, stimulate positive change in the brain, releasing the electromagnetic components of stress, thoughts and emotions. It might feel like completely wiping out a packed computer hard drive – just in your head. Negative thoughts that prevent you from sleeping can be let go and the long-awaited peace can finally return.

This gentle, non-invasive method allows for the dissolution of both physical and mental blockages stored in the body and helps provide greater ease in all areas of life. A bar session takes 60-90 minutes and is a process that can be done as a one-time session or as a monthly, weekly or daily trial.

In addition to private one-to-one sessions, bars are also used in companies, schools, clinics and even prisons all over the world to enable greater well-being and therefore better health.

Scientifically proven, the effectiveness of Access Bars® varies from person to person and varies from session to session. The following have been reported by Bar recipients:

Improve physical health
Increase mental clarity and reduce stress
Increased motivation and easier communication
Significant increase in emotions such as joy, happiness, gratitude, kindness and peace
Deeper relaxation and positive effect on migraines and insomnia
Improved mental health: fewer symptoms of depression, panic attacks, ADHD, and obsessive-compulsive disorder
Higher intuitive awareness

Access Bars® were first introduced over 30 years ago by Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness™. Since then, the company has expanded to 179 countries and has more than 10,000 trained Access Bars Coordinators – a rapidly growing number taking Bars® courses around the world.

Message me, we offer live in-company trial sessions and offer you a one-on-one offer.

In her 40 years of brand development, sales, and product management, Chrissie has learned from influential pioneers and totally crazy rebels, from true visionaries with clear values ​​and a strong, sustainable “why.”

Chrissie started her career in 1983 in world-famous 5-star luxury hotels and worked in other European countries (France and Great Britain) for eight years. She speaks several languages ​​(German, English, French, Italian, Spanish). Chrissy’s many long travels enable her to understand different cultures and thus diversify her business clients at lightning speed.

With her certification as an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator and training in many special topics, Chrissy adds a way to her coaching sessions and courses that uses simple tools to make everyday life easier—both privately and in business—second to none.

Chrissie Dorn
Chrissie Dorn
Ringbergstr. 38 b
83070 Bad Wiessee


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