July 13, 2024

Crucial decision regarding Prince George?

Crucial decision regarding Prince George?

Prince George is getting more and more popular

If William really gives up the crown, everything will change sooner than expected in the life of George, who celebrated his ninth birthday this year. But how likely is Morton’s theory? Many royal experts don’t believe William Break with royal protocol Become.

In the United Kingdom we have no honorable tradition of abdication,

constitutional expert Robert Hazell said in the spring. Even the Queen has it Because of the terrible example of her uncle, Edward VIII. I didn’t think about retirement. Edward VIII had renounced the sceptre in 1936 after only a few months as the British monarch. is being “He was effectively forced to resign because he wanted to marry an American woman – Wallis Simpson – who was twice a divorcee and that at that time was unacceptable to society and the government”.

William certainly wouldn’t abdicate out of love, but speculation persists that one day he will, too He abdicates early could. This would also speak to the fact that the Prince of Wales and Princess Kate are giving their eldest son more and more tasks and he Take more appointments. George, like his sister Charlotte, attended the Queen’s funeral, to the surprise of many. But whether William and Kate actually have a plan behind it can’t be speculated at the moment.

source used: Marie Claire