December 4, 2023

Her company is bankrupt: Did the Royal Palace force Kate’s parents to give up?

Princess Kate’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, arrived at St. Mary’s Hospital in London in July 2013. They were visiting their grandson, George.


Party Pieces, the company owned by Princess Kate’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, has been forced to declare bankruptcy. They are said to have not set up a new business to protect their daughter, as an insider claims.

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  • After more than 30 years, Princess Kate’s parents have been forced to file for bankruptcy for their company, Party Pieces.
  • The company’s debts are said to amount to about three million. Money that creditors can no longer recover.
  • Carole and Michael Middleton wanted to start a new business. They wouldn’t do it now to protect their daughter.

Carole, 68, and Michael Middleton’s company Party Pieces, 74, has supplied party decorations across the UK for 30 years. In the summer of 2023, Kate’s parents’ company was forced to declare bankruptcy. The “party pieces” accumulated debts amounting to three million francs.

Both Princess Kate, 41, and her sister, Pippa Matthews, 40, worked in their parents’ holding companies.

The Middletons wanted to start a new business. the name? The “first birthdays” have already been registered in the commercial register.

But now Carole and Michael Middleton have left the company idea behind. For Kate, writes the British newspaper “woman”.

Abandoned business plans to protect daughter

“The palace allegedly does not want something like this to happen again,” the Mirror reported. “Because people lost money because the company failed.”

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Carol and Michael “abandoned their future business plans to protect their daughter’s reputation.”

“The Windsor name took a huge hit when Party Peace collapsed. “The Palace certainly wouldn’t want something like this to happen again,” a palace insider was quoted as saying.

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