Israel lifts most travel restrictions

The mitigation does not apply to the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, France, Mexico and Switzerland.

In keeping with its fluctuating back-and-forth policy in combating the increasing spread of omicron variants, Israel lifted travel restrictions on most countries on Tuesday. The USA, Great Britain, South Africa, Canada, UAE, Ethiopia, France, Turkey, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Tanzania, Nigeria and Switzerland will not benefit from relief at first. Mexico was added to the “blacklist” as of Thursday. Travel to and from these countries is expressly prohibited unless expressly granted by a special commission. Those who return to Israel from the “blacklisted” countries must remain in quarantine for seven days. Recent changes to the list are primarily subject to approval by the Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee. All other destinations that are currently still in the list will be removed from it. They include Italy, Germany, Ireland, Morocco, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium. – Contrary to the aforementioned mitigations, the country on Monday tightened regulations for public access to shopping malls and malls and updated its existing regulations for COVID-boosted vaccinations, as infection rates in Israel are increasing sharply. Israel counted 1,760 cases of the novel coronavirus and 87 serious active cases on Monday. The last number means a slight decrease compared to Saturday (96 cases). However, the number of serious new cases has been rising steadily over the past five days.

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