March 3, 2024

European record for Great Britain: Daimler and Mirozinski convince in Budapest

European record for Great Britain: Daimler and Mirozinski convince in Budapest

Catherine Daimler and Julia Mrozinski confirmed their performances in the semi-finals of the World Cup Finals. The British team set a European record by over 4 x 100 meters.

At the European Championships final in Budapest, Catherine Daimler confirmed her pose above the 200 m butterfly. At 2: 09.94 minutes, swimmer SG Essen was a few hundred hundreds of her time from the semifinals and finished seventh. Hungary’s Bologna Cabas defended the European title, clocking 1.64 seconds after 2: 06.50 minutes before silver medalist Katinka Hoszou. Russian Svetlana Chemerova took third place on the podium (2: 08.55 minutes).

Julia Morozinsky also confirmed the time she spent in the semifinals. The woman from Hamburg swam the 200m freestyle to finish eighth in 1: 59.36 minutes. At the summit, four swimmers fought an exciting battle on the podium. In the end, Czech Barbora Simanova narrowly led and won the gold by just two hundred behind world record holder Federica Pellegrini. Freya Anderson of Great Britain won the bronze with a time of 1: 56.42 minutes.

Two medals in one hour

Just under an hour after Hugo Gonzalez de Oliveira (52.90 seconds) finished second by more than 100 meters behind Roman Robert Glenta (52.85 seconds), the Spaniard jumped into the competition pool again. Over 200 meters variety Swiss Jeremy Desblanche (1: 56.95 minutes) relegated to second place and claimed the European title in 1: 56.76 minutes. The bronze went to Alberto Razzetti (1: 57.25 minutes) from Italy.

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The British team set a European record at the end of the evening. In the mixed relay race of 4 x 100 meters, the team swam with Kathleen Dawson, Adam Petty, James Jay and Anna Hopkins to the European Championship in 3: 38.82 minutes. The Netherlands came second (3: 41.28 minutes), ahead of the Italian national team (3: 42.30 minutes).