June 24, 2024

Injected lips: This is why butterfly lips are so dangerous

Butterfly lips

That’s why these lips are controversial

Lips filled with hyaluronic acid no longer cause so much excitement. But many doctors see the new trend around the so-called butterfly lips as problematic.


Butterfly lips attract attention because of their shape and sticky tape – but they also cause many critical voices.


Butterfly lips are making the rounds on social media at the moment. Hidden behind the encrypted name Lips filled with hyaluronic acid, which stands out on the one hand because of the very clear Cupid’s bow, reminiscent of the wings of a butterfly. On the other hand: After the treatment, you are initially covered with duct tape all over. The trend is not well received by all doctors, even if they perform lip injections themselves. Veronica Kiriak works as a clinician Beauty2Go And tell us what the trend is.

Veronica Kiriak works as a medical doctor at Beauty2Go Clinics.


What’s behind it?

There is more to butterfly lips than just shape. The expert reveals: “With this type of injection, existing hyaluronic acid is used for the first time dissolved by hyaluronidase. This is the only way Build the extreme shape, if the lips were previously treated. There is an enzyme behind the material that dissolves the hyaluronic acid molecules and aims to restore the lips to their original state. Immediately afterward, the lips are covered with tape and injected again. The tape stays in place for up to 30 hours after treatment and is said to prevent filler from transferring to other areas of the face.

where is the problem?

Kiriak sees the trend with a critical eye: “The problem is, the body needs time to break down hyaluronic acid. With normal precision, you wait at least two weeks—better longer—before you can inject again.” According to the doctor, if you skip this waiting time, you risk tissue damage. It’s easy to explain why the technology is so popular now: “Of course, it takes a lot of time and money because you have to visit the clinic twice. And yes, there is pain associated with it, even if the lips are locally numbed with a cream.” Keriak knows: “Many want to avoid double the effort, But they do so at the expense of the quality of treatment.”

Tape for no reason

The expert also doesn’t give much thought to the tape: “It’s supposed to prevent filler material from transferring to other areas of the face. But anyone familiar with the anatomy knows it can’t. In the worst case, it damages the delicate tissue around the lips.” Instead, it takes experience. “The only thing stopping migration is a doctor who knows his stuff and knows exactly where to inject hyaluronic acid.”

Beware of swindlers

As with any cosmetic procedure, the following applies: “Going to a clinic staffed by experienced doctors is worth it in the end.” If someone offers to dissolve and re-inject the existing fillers in just one session, So you should be alert And if you have any doubts, go to another practice.