April 23, 2024

Look over the shoulders of the Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra with virtual reality goggles

There has been a collaboration between the Maria Theresia Gymnasium and the State Theater for years. Through a special workshop, it is now possible to experience the symphony orchestra in a playful way.

Learning interactively – this is just as important for the Maria Theresia Gymnasium (MTG) as it is for the Augsburg School State Theater. Recently, MTG 6th grade students had the opportunity to immerse themselves first-hand in the performance of an orchestral performance. Thanks to modern virtual reality headsets, they have been able to literally look over the shoulders of the Augsburg orchestral musicians and even sneak into the role of conductor themselves.

The “Diving into the Orchestra” workshop, designed by theater teacher Anna-Sofia Kraus, enabled the students to get better acquainted with the musical score “Pictures in an Exhibition” in a playful way. Conducting games from the leader's point of view aims to encourage people to become active themselves. Building a symphony orchestra can also be experienced in a playful way using instrument puzzles.

The event not only marked the handing over of this year's Certificate of Collaboration to the school by the State Theater, but also represented a continuation of the cooperation that has been in place since 2019. Using virtual reality glasses, the Augsburg State Theater is now visiting nine schools – different grades and types of schools – to provide insight In the fields of drama, ballet and concerts. “Of course we consider ourselves lucky to be one of these few schools,” says music teacher Volker Söllner.

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