June 21, 2024

Star Citizen: The player builds the cockpit of the C2 Hercules for US$30,000

photo: BANKII (YouTube)

A popular YouTuber from Thailand is showing his love for the space game Star Citizen in the form of an expensive fan project. For the equivalent of about US$30,000, he created a playroom reminiscent of the cockpit of a spaceship from the game. Three 65-inch TVs provide “the show”.

Even if the project out Bank II It doesn’t look quite true to the original (see comparison below), the amount of work and costs are enormous. Even entering the room was a motorized sliding door that entered the spaceship Crusader C2 Hercules in the game.

While the three televisions make up the cockpit windows, an additional curved screen serves as the instrument panel. Push levers and joysticks should not be missing. If a racing game is to be played instead of Star Citizen, there is also a steering wheel. The virtual cockpit is powered by a gaming PC with GeForce RTX 3090.

A full kitchenette with a grill, hot air fryer and kettle provides even more spaceship flair. And there is still room for a co-pilot with atmospheric lighting.

SpaceShip Setup BANKII BKII7-89 game room
SpaceShip Setup BANKII BKII7-89 Game Room (Photo: BANKII (YouTube))
In-game cockpit for C2 Hercules
In-game cockpit for the C2 Hercules (Image: Star Citizen)
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