May 23, 2024

Elden Ring update 1.09 is live and finally brings ray tracing

The Elden Ring is getting ray tracing on PS5 and PC with patch 1.09.

If you want to play Elden Ring in the morning and the gates to the Between Lands never open, there is a good reason. FromSoftware released update 1.09 early, which brings ray tracing to RPGs, among other things — at least on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

What is patch size 1.09? On PS5 and Xbox you should download about 5GB, and on PC it’s only 200MB (via Twitter)

Patch Contents 1.09

FromSoftware reports that patch 1.09 takes care of balancing issues (also in PVP) and also fixes another bug or bug. The update also added ray tracing to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

This is how ray tracing works in the Elden Ring:

  • Trace the perimeter occlusion ray
  • Ray tracing shadows

According to dataminer and Souls expert Lance McDonald, however, there should be no radial reflections in the game, nor is DLSS support included. According to FromSoftware, if you have ray tracing enabled, it can also affect performance and accuracy, which isn’t surprising.

You can activate ray tracing through the graphics menu and adjust it to your preference, as shown here:

Link to Twitter content

How good is the Elden Ring’s ray tracing? We will soon test how well ray tracing is implemented and how the graphics feature affects Elden Ring performance and inform you of the quality.

Patch notes for Elden Ring 1.09.1

Meanwhile, from FromSoftware on The official website of the publisher Bandai Namco It has released the full patch notes, which you can find via the link. Here you can also see what requirements your computer must meet in order to be able to use ray tracing without problems.

So it continues with the Elden Ring

On February 28, Shadow of the Erdtree was announced as the first full DLC for the Elden Ring story. It is currently unclear when it will appear. Also, one can only speculate about the content so far. Based on the first screenshot, Malenia’s twin brother Miquella will likely play a major role.