In the month of King Charles III. crowned

US President Joe Biden is represented, Prince Harry makes it exciting, the religious ceremony is updated, and after the historic festivities, all Britons must deal with it together. An overview of the coronation of King Charles.

It is an almost sacred moment for the UK. Meaning: somewhere between a papal election and the moon landing. In the month – May 6 – King Charles III. and his wife, Queen Camilla. About 2,000 guests are invited. But the royal couple has to do without a distinguished visitor. What is known so far? Overview.

High-ranking guests

For the second time in eight months, Westminster Abbey in London has become the center of global attention. Dozens of heads of state and members of the royal family have gathered for the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022. Now roughly the same crowd is gathering to honor their son. 2,000 guests were invited, with Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 having over 8,000 guests.

But there is one notable exception: US President Joe Biden will not be there, the White House announced. Instead, his wife, Jill Biden, will lead the US delegation. Tories in London are already angry that the head of state is turning away from Charles. But history shows that no American president has ever attended a British coronation.

The family makes it exciting

It remains exciting to be involved with Prince Harry, the youngest son of Charles and his wife, Duchess Meghan. They were invited, as the British media confirm. But due to the couple’s serious allegations, particularly against Camilla and heir to the throne Prince William, as well as Charles himself, the engagement is completely open. It’s been confirmed time and time again that Harry and Meghan are no longer “working royals,” so they’re not in the cast. When the 38-year-old was recently in London, he was said to have stayed with friends, so there was no meeting with Father Charles and Brother William. The coronation marks the fourth birthday of Harry and Meghan’s son, Prince Archie. Conservative commentators in London warn that if they do not return to their old home from their California home, their relationship with the royal family could face an “irreversible, fatal blow”.

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The ceremony falls short

The coronation formalizes the monarch’s role as head of the Church of England and ushers in the transfer of titles and powers. The religious ceremonies should be shorter, smaller, and more recent, and they were already heard after Charles took office. However, the central elements remain, such as the anointing with consecrated oil. The process has remained unchanged for more than 1,000 years. But in terms of length, the King is adapted to modern times. Whereas his mother’s coronation in 1953 lasted three hours, this time only one hour. “The service, which will be led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, will reflect the monarch’s role today and look to the future, while remaining rooted in ancient traditions and joys,” the palace stressed. Archbishop – Justin Welby – is the spiritual leader of the Anglican Church.

Lunch, concert, work

The festivities didn’t end after the ceremony in London. People are supposed to gather on Sunday (the seventh) for the “great coronation lunch”, which is the “great coronation supper”. Street festivals, tea parties, and other events are planned across the country, and people are supposed to meet in clubs, parks, or in the neighborhood. And in the evening there will be a “Coronation Ball” at Windsor Castle with stars and a special “Coronation” choir. Under the motto “Big Help” (Big Help), residents will then be encouraged on Monday (8) to learn about volunteering in their communities. You don’t have to skip school or work: On Monday people in the UK get an extra holiday for non-workers – which also aims to boost the art of cooking.

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