June 21, 2024

I love to go to Wilmington on the weekends

I love to go to Wilmington on the weekends

Wilmington. According to his own description, US President Joe Biden lives in a “wonderful building”: the White House. On weekends, however, he prefers to sleep in a different house.

Since Biden took office on January 20, three out of eight weekends have been spent at his longtime home outside Wilmington, Delaware. He will also stay there this weekend.

Biden referred to past presidents in their assessment that living in the White House is like living in a “golden cage.”

Politician William Hoyle of the University of Chicago says replacing the Presidential Building with its 132 rooms with less crowded and more comfortable weekend stays could help presidents turn their course. What he wanted to be president. It is not the White House in and of itself that has the charms. “

A private plane called Air Force One

US health officials have urged the public to avoid unnecessary travel amid the coronavirus pandemic. White House defends Biden trips weekend. “The president lives in Wilmington,” White House Press Secretary Jane Psaki recently said.

“It’s his home. He lived there for many years. And you know, like every president of the United States, he takes a special plane called Air Force One to get there.”

However, the President of the United States is not traveling anywhere alone, no matter how special the plane is. When he travels, many other people also have to travel. In addition to Air Force One’s crew, the President’s traveling companions include Secret Service personal security agents, White House personnel, journalists, and family members. Depending on where the flight is going, members of Parliament, ministers or other guests can also travel.

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Millions of dollars for trips the president

In addition, costs are rising rapidly. Federal agencies spent an estimated $ 13.6 million on four trips that then President Donald Trump made in February and March 2017 to his home on Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. This was stated by the Government Accounting Office in 2019.

Trump flew with the most famous version of Air Force One, Air Force One 747. Biden took a smaller version of the machine on the 30-minute flight to Delaware National Air Force Base. On his current weekend flight, he used the Marine One Presidential helicopter.

There are no rules about how or where the president spends the weekend. Trump spent many weekends at Mar-a-Lago or his golf club in New Jersey.


Joe Biden wants all adult Americans to be vaccinated by May 1

The US president has made managing the epidemic a top priority of his presidency. © Reuters

Former US President Barack Obama stayed in Washington most Saturdays and Sundays during his presidency because his two young daughters at the time, Malia and Sasha, played on the soccer and basketball teams. Former President George W. Bush had his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Biden has lived in Wilmington for most of his 78 years

Biden is at home, where he lived as a Senator before becoming Vice President of the United States in 2008. He moved there again after he was no longer Vice President.

At home, Biden often meets counselors, goes to church and has Sunday dinner with the family. “We’re trying to stick to Sunday dinner,” Biden’s wife Jill told TV presenter Kelly Clarkson. “I mean, it’s been a bit crowded lately. We still do and kids are looking forward to it.

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Biden also owns a second home in the Delaware seaside Rehoboth, Delaware community. He hasn’t visited it since he was president. But this may change as the weather gets warmer.

The politician spent most of his 78 years in Wilmington. He has represented Delaware in the US Senate. Take the train regularly between Washington and Wilmington.

Howell said Biden has strong family ties that he wants to preserve. Many of his relatives are in Delaware. Biden personnel also stated that he had strong affection for Delaware.