June 21, 2024

Tyson Fury reveals the plans he had in WWE - WWE plans with 45,000 fans at "WrestleMania 37" - "Stone Cold Steve Austin Week" announced - two more signatures announced

Tyson Fury reveals the plans he had in WWE – WWE plans with 45,000 fans at “WrestleMania 37” – “Stone Cold Steve Austin Week” announced – two more signatures announced

– WBC Heavyweight Boxing Champion Tyson Fury revealed in an interview with “Behind The Gloves” that in 2020 he should participate in three major PPV matches in WWE. He was scheduled to participate in “WrestleMania 36”, “SummerSlam” and a match against Drew McIntyre at the planned PPV in the UK. However, the coronavirus pandemic has thwarted all of these plans. The 32-year-old British won his first match against Brown Strowman by counting at the “WWE Crown Jewel” PPV in Saudi Arabia in October 2019.

– WWE wants to attract 45,000 fans to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida in each of their “WrestleMania 37” days. The plan was originally to have 30,000 spectators per day, but at a meeting between city officials and local hotel operators, it was revealed that the stadium would be used at 75%. Raymond James Stadium will hold a maximum of 60,000 spectators for an event like “WrestleMania”, so 75% matches around 45,000 spectators.

Next week WWE named “Stone Cold Steve Austin Week”. The 56-year-old WWE will be celebrating 25 years with several specials on the WWE Network. The Stone Cold Meet begins on Tuesday. Legends like The Undertaker, Ric Flair and Booker T will talk about Steve Austin and his unforgettable moments. On Friday we learn all about making a Stone Cold Stunner with “Birth of the Stunner,” and on Saturday we continue on “The Best of WWE: Best of Steve Austin” before a new episode of “Steve Austin’s Broken Skull” Sunday Sessions with guest Randy Orton concludes.

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As reported by PWInsider, WWE has signed two new contracts with NXT with talented Australian Mattie Wahlberg and Steve De Lander. The two have been in the ring since 2017 and made a name for themselves on the PWA indie scene in their home country. Below you can take a first look at the new arrivals:

Quelle: Wrestling Observer, PWInsider

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