June 17, 2024

Interview with Harry and Meghan - Royal Family Members Can't Hide Allegations of Racism - News

Interview with Harry and Meghan – Royal Family Members Can’t Hide Allegations of Racism – News


According to an Oprah interview, a royal racism claim doesn’t just run the street. The criticism runs deeper.

The two-hour interview in a California park made waves around the world. Exactly a week ago, Prince Harry and his wife Megan denied their hearts to US talk show host Oprah Winfrey. There has always been a dispute about money, titles and rank in royal houses. It’s also clear that the British royal family is not an informal apartment-sharing society, but rather a hierarchy with strict protocol. The accusation of racism not only occupied the popular press, it went even further.

No condemnation of racism from minors

There are 61 words the minors have worked on for more than 36 hours: “All family members are sad to know how difficult the past few years have been for Harry and Megan (…) they will always remain the most beloved family members.” In the palace’s response, there is no indication of their son’s skin color – The most poisonous ingredient in California allegations.

Nor is there an explicit condemnation of racism. The Queen wants to resolve the family dispute and asks the public to respect the family’s privacy.

The younger generation is questioning the institution

Fulfilling this desire will not be easy. Anyone who celebrates their wedding and abdication in a familiar coexistence with the tabloids in front of an audience of millions is not an ordinary family around. According to current polls, the majority of the British people still support the monarchy. The younger generation is increasingly questioning the outdated institution.

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It is not the obvious communication disorders that fascinate. Millions of other families around the world are no less dysfunctional. But the royal family is also more than just a remote tourist attraction. The royal family is a figurehead of the United Kingdom. Thus, it is difficult to dismiss the accusation of racism – whether true or not – as a family dispute.

Renewed controversy in the Commonwealth

Because the accusation is against a ruling dynasty that presides over 16 different countries in the Commonwealth – home to more than two billion people of all skin colors.

In some of these countries, debate has erupted again as to whether the moment, after the end of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, might someday break with the colonial past and separate from the royal family. So it’s possible the 61 words pursued are temporarily the end of this story.