Hurricanes in the United States: ‘A story full of pain’

Several tornadoes erupted in the Midwest and southern United States this past weekend. Our interview with Bishop of Owensboro, William F. Medley.

Mario Galgano and Lydia Okan – Vatican City

Medley Diocese is located in western Kentucky, which was hard hit by the disaster. The Catholic community is united in prayer and offers tangible assistance to the victims, he says in our conversation. Last weekend all parishes were asked to hold a special group for those affected by the hurricane.

Victim Assistance

The Mayfield area was the Kentucky area hardest hit by the hurricanes. A candle factory was destroyed there are eight people came about life. “Many of those infected at the Mayfield Candle Factory were parishioners; others were immigrants and marginalized groups from our communities.”

Medley says he attended the Catholic wing of St Joseph’s Church in Mayfield. The church was badly damaged by storms, so a neighboring parish welcomed the residents of St. Joseph on Sunday.

After the Kentucky hurricane

serious damage

The bishop plans to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Dawson Springs on Wednesday. He says the city was literally “swept away” by storms. “It seems that the Catholic Church cannot be rebuilt.” Many people in Kentucky remain indoors without heating, lighting, or water.

“It’s a story of pain, with all the losses, deaths and loss of property, but it’s also a story of great hope where now suddenly people from all over the country and around the world are showing up to help us,” very diverse.

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Pope Francis praying for the victims of the disaster during Angelus Sunday gives him and many people great consolation. The bishop says it is “gratifying” for the Pope to think of them. He thanks everyone who shows solidarity and a willingness to help: “It is good to know that people think of us and pray for us, and that they make sacrifices for us.”

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