Hooray! Universal Studios Hollywood gets its superhero universe from Nintendo

Hey Nintendo, we can’t believe we’ve ever questioned you. We thought you’d let another March 10th happen without any fanfare or worse Actively removing Mario things from our lives – But you proved us all wrong!

Today, on this Mario Day, we have an exciting new announcement: Super Nintendo World is coming to the US after its success at Universal Studios Japan.

And… that’s all we know! Will it be a similar experience to the Japanese one that is too focused on the bigger picture of Super Mario with a test drive or two and cafes, or will it be Big Rollercoasters? Mostly not. But you don’t like shooting a missile Super Mario Sunshine? or a small shopping cart donkey kong? Or literally each of the files Mario Kart 8 feeling? Come on!!

The head of Nintendo’s third-party portfolio management, John Vignucci, posted a photo of the park in action:

you may Read all about the Japanese game Super Nintendo World by clicking hereThen tell us which parts you’d like to see in the US version! Is it merchandise food? Comfortable frog life? It’s a frog, isn’t it? He told us it was a frog.

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