June 21, 2024

Elite Dangerous cancels the Odyssey expansion and all future console content • Eurogamer.de

Elite Dangerous cancels the Odyssey expansion and all future console content • Eurogamer.de

Frontier is ditching the console versions of the Elite Dangerous.

There is very bad news for all of that Dangerous Elite Playing on consoles.

As Frontiert announced, not only has the Odyssey expansion for PlayStation and Xbox canceled, but both platforms will not receive any new content in the future.

Full focus on PC version

In July 2021, Frontier already had an Odyssey expansion for consoles indefinitely Deferred to fix problems on PC. Now the company is pulling the entire rip cord.

On PC, Odyssey received ten major bug fix updates through January 2022. So far, players have assumed that work will continue on the console version, but that’s not the case.

“It’s no secret that the launch of Odyssey wasn’t perfect, including the need to divide the community into players on PC and consoles in order to absolutely focus on PC only,” Writes Border Chief David Braben. “Since Odyssey’s release in May 2021, we’ve worked tirelessly to improve the Odyssey experience on PC. And while we’ve made great strides, there’s still more work to be done. We’ve been supporting the before and after and since then, the rules of the Odyssey Codes.”

“Over the past few months, we have wrestled with the best way forward. It is with a sad heart that we have decided to end development for consoles. We need to be able to move forward with the game’s story and in order to do that we need to focus on one code base.”

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Elite Dangerous will continue to work on consoles in its current form and will continue to receive important updates. However, the focus on new content is on the PC.

“We realize that this news is not what our console community had hoped for,” he said. “This decision wasn’t easy, but it was made with Elite Dangerous’ long-term future in mind.”

Frontier would like to comment “in due course” on what this would look like there.