March 3, 2024

Historical law.  Democrats are winning thanks to Kamala Harris' vote in the US Senate.

Historical law. Democrats are winning thanks to Kamala Harris’ vote in the US Senate.

Her voice that made the difference: Vice President Kamala Harris.


And so the Democrats came close to achieving their goal of getting their broad reform bill through Congress after all. Vice President Harris’ vote made it possible for the voting procedures to begin.

Legislative package planned by US Democrats with comprehensive projects on taxes and climate protection He removed the first obstacle against Republican opposition in the Senate. The bipartisan Chamber voted 51-50 Saturday to start debate on the package, with Vice President Kamala Harris winning. everybody republican voted against. The package provides spending on energy, healthcare, climate protection and above Guidance for companies.

“Historical law” will die inflation Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said cutting costs and fighting climate change. It’s time to move the nation forward.” From the Republican viewpoint, the planned law with corporate taxes hurts the economy and creates jobs. It also makes it difficult for people to deal with high inflation.

Republicans are trying everything

On Sunday evening, the Senate voted for the first time on a large number of additions and amendments to the bill. By dawn (local time), Democrats united in fending off dozens of Republican attempts to drop the deal. The final vote on the 755-page template wasn’t expected until several hours later.

The House of Representatives, in which Democrats have a slim majority, may approve the law next Friday. For this purpose, the parliamentary summer recess will be suspended.

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The proposal is just a shadow of the $3.5 trillion 10-year infrastructure and social package originally planned by President Joe Biden after he took office. One senator and one senator from the Democratic side had long opposed many of the proposals contained therein, and thus blocked the package. Because of the slim majority in the Senate, Biden relies on all the votes of his friends in his party.

The template unites the party

But since the end of July, Majority Leader Schumer has surprisingly managed to strike an agreement first with Senator Joe Manchin and then with Senator Kirsten Senema. The bill now up for a vote, while significantly scaled back from original plans, has reunited the party and given it the opportunity to present itself to voters as a solution to problems ahead of the November midterm elections.

Among other things, $400 billion is planned over ten years for climate change mitigation and billions more for healthcare.