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Deutsche Bahn makes fun of Bundesliga clubs - except for one

Deutsche Bahn makes fun of Bundesliga clubs – except for one

This S-Bahn with the Eintracht imprint now passes through Frankfurt.Photo: imago

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This weekend her The new Bundesliga season seem. In the run-up to the first day of the match, Deutsche Bahn set himself the task of ridiculing all the Bundesliga clubs. In a thread on Twitter, I predicted how clubs would behave as passengers. Jokes mixed with fans and trained customers.

Jokes about the Bundesliga – but not about Wolfsburg

The best that Deutsche Bahn could offer was actually a missed gag – about VfL Wolfsburg. Forgetting about the city is such a tradition at Deutsche Bahn that people have repeatedly forgotten to stop there in recent years.

The DB dealt privately against Hertha with a reference to the fact that Berlin likely won’t be playing internationally. Especially after the entry of investor Lars Windhorst and investments of more than 375 million euro Berliners have so far fallen far behind expectations.

However, Hertha resisted and spoke to Deutsche Bahn about the delay. “You know your way around the delay,” replied the Berliners.

In general, most of the posts contain a clear hint. For example, 1. FC Köln is the passenger with the Bluetooth box because the people of Cologne celebrate Carnival every year. On the other hand, Mönchengladbach was still interested in the trains of the seventies, where the club also had its absolute heyday. In total, in this decade they won the German Championship five times, won the Cup once and won the European Cup twice.

Criticism and vandalism at Deutsche Bahn

Some gags are also quite self-critical, as in VfB Stuttgart, who is not a train driver at all, but a motorist. This refers to particularly frequent delays in the city and large construction sites, which cause frequent cancellations.

The company didn’t joke about the second and third tier teams but some fans did in the comments. For example, an HSV fan painted his club as a passenger with one photo. Another user posted the same picture and another picture, showing the vandalism of German football fans.

Under this topic, not only the DB’s many delays were criticized, but also the lack of interference in the behavior of many football fans. But overall, Deutsche Bahn hasn’t always done well under their streak. Some users were only joking about their supposed incompetence, others angrily demanded that they take better care of their problems.

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