July 15, 2024

High Wycombe’s Sport Crest has been inundated with orders for vintage kits

High Wycombe’s Sport Crest has been inundated with orders for vintage kits

Sport Crest, located inside the Eden Shopping Center, offers regular sporting goods ranging from tennis, golf, hockey, track and field plus more.

However, they also take customer requests when it comes to older equipment that needs work on, a niche offering that has been kept under the radar for the past six years.

It was not until November of this year that their services were advertised among the soccer gear community.

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This came after several memorabilia collectors asked the organization if they were placing one-off orders which SportsCrest obligated to do.

Following our conversation with the store at the beginning of the month, the store has since confirmed that it is “full” of orders.

James McKenzie (24 years old), who supervises the printing process, said: “Of course we have a lot to offer in the store, but in terms of prints and shirt restoration, we cannot believe the number of orders that came in after we did this.” Audience gone.

“It was mental.

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“I have printed names on some very old Arsenal shirts which includes restoring one of these shirts, and I have eight kits to print on Saturday.” [November 11].

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“One of them is the Manchester United home kit for the 1998/99 season.

“Then they achieved the hat-trick and the client of course wanted the Beckham 7 on the back.

“I also restored a Wycombe shirt about 10 seasons ago.

“It was when FIFA was their official sponsor and the kit was in pretty bad shape, so they saw what we did, came over, and got their shirt back as good as new.

“I honestly can’t believe the number of orders that have come in.

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@bucks.free.press SportsCrest in Eden Shopping Center in High Wycombe now specializes in printing vintage football shirts! #Classic football shirts #retro football shirts #Football shirts #WycombeHigh ♬ Stolen Dance (Instrumental) – Milky Chance

“I designed several England shirts at the time, one of which was from the 2002 World Cup, and we even had one guy come into the shop and ask for a range of Harry Kane’s names.

“We had some of those from years ago that were left in storage, so I’m glad they were put to good use.”

The family-run company is also looking to specialize in printing vintage EFL shirts.

For more information call 0149453474.

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