October 3, 2023

Heat and drought – wildfires in southern Europe are raging wildly News


With heat waves, the risk of wildfires increases. There have already been fires in various countries. Overview.

One heat wave after another is currently sweeping across Southern Europe. Drought and heat lead to forest fires in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. In the past few days, fires have already destroyed large areas of forests or even settlements in Spain, Croatia, Greece and Turkey.


A forest fire broke out in Tijarafe on La Palma on Sunday.

EIRIF via Reuters

On Sunday, firefighters on the Canary island of La Palma are battling a blaze that has destroyed nearly 4,700 hectares in a single day. This roughly corresponds to about 6,500 football fields.

fireman.  A large column of smoke rises in the background.


Photograph: Borja Suarez/Reuters

More than 4,000 people in La Palma had to be brought to safety. In addition to the forested area, about 20 homes were destroyed by the fire.

A man standing with a phone in front of a burning house.  The wall next to the windows is black.


Alfonso Ballesteros gets a picture of his destroyed home in La Palma.

Photograph: Borja Suarez/Reuters

It had previously burned on the Spanish mainland on Thursday. A fire broke out on the outskirts of two villages near Pamplona.

Forest fire in Navarre, Spain

There is no end in sight to the heatwaves in Greece. The civil defense warned of the danger of forest fires raging due to severe drought and winds.

Four people standing in a dry area.  A fire can be seen around a tree in the background.


And in the city of Covaras, Attica region, emergency services battled fires on Monday.


house in a forest  A big fire is burning in the background.


The victims had to leave their homes.


Fires broke out in Greece early last week. The Hellenic Fire Service reported about 32 forest fires between 11 and 12 July.

Two firefighters splash water on a burning area.


Firefighters contain a fire in Nafplio.

Keystone/EPA/Pogiotis Evangelos

The media also reported on forest fires on the Croatian coast last week. Accordingly, the residential areas were evacuated.

Firefighting in Croatia

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