September 30, 2023

Ambassador to Niger – The French ambassador leaves Niger – News

  • According to the putschists, the French ambassador must leave Niger.
  • He has 48 hours to do so.
  • France rejects this request.


About 1,500 French soldiers are stationed in Niger.

Keystone/Isevo Djibou

The putschists in Niger accuse France of carrying out actions that are not in the interest of Niger. The ambassador also refused to attend an appointment with Niger’s foreign minister on Friday morning. At the meeting, the envoy should have commented on the actions that the putschists say contradict Niger’s interests.

France rejects this request

In response, France refused the putschists’ request. They do not have the right to expel the ambassador. The accreditation comes from the legitimate and democratically elected President Muhammad Bazoum.

France has about 1,500 soldiers in its former colony. President Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly condemned the coup in Niger.

Just a month ago, the army overthrew President Bazoum in Niger. Then General Abd al-Rahman Tiani appointed himself the new ruler and suspended the constitutional order. The military council also canceled cooperation with France. Previously, Niger was an important partner for France in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel region.

Confusion about other ambassadors

First, several news agencies reported that the ambassadors of Nigeria, Germany and the United States had to leave the country. The authorities later declared that this information was incorrect. According to the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the messages circulating on the Internet are not real.

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