May 19, 2024

He sought constitutional change Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to become President of the United States

Rumors that Schwarzenegger wants to become President of the United States and thus the most powerful man in the world have been around for a long time. The 66-year-old has never hidden his political ambitions. Between 2002 and 2011 he was governor of California.

“He is ready to submit the necessary papers.”

According to the New York Post, Schwarzenegger revealed his political plans during a promotional event for his new movie, “Escape Plan.” The newspaper quoted one of the attendees as saying: “Schwarzenegger has spoken openly about changing the legal regulations so that he can run for president in 2016.” “He is willing to file the necessary papers to change the law.”

But it won't be easy for the “Terminator” actor. To amend the Constitution, it requires a two-thirds majority in both houses of the US Congress – the Senate and the House of Representatives. As the New York Post reported, Schwarzenegger is already pushing to find enough backers for his project.

Arm wrestling to get nominated

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, a promising 2016 presidential candidate who, like Schwarzenegger, is a Republican, joked: “There's going to be a fight over who's going to be the presidential nominee and who's going to be the vice presidential nominee. He might want to settle it with an arm wrestle, and I'd rather review the Constitution.” once again”.

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