April 13, 2024

Harry's visit to Great Britain: No happy ending for the royal family

the Royal family

Updated February 8, 2024 at 3:12 p.m

Immediately after King Charles was diagnosed, his son Harry rushed to Great Britain to join his father. But anyone who wants a debate and a happy ending for the British royal family will be disappointed.

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Almost works Prince Harry (39) A return to his British homeland that is as dramatic as it is very brief, as well as an alternative version of the parable of the prodigal son. The younger son tries his luck abroad, away from the family, and returns soon afterwards purified and – over the vehement protests of the dutiful older brother – happily welcomed back with open arms by their father.

The modern British version of this story is somewhat different. Prince Harry had to travel more than ten hours to be with his father King Charles III After being diagnosed with cancer. According to British media reportedThe meeting between Harry and Charles lasted only half an hour and a maximum of 45 minutes. Shortly afterwards, the royal couple bid farewell to the country estate at Sandringham, and Prince Harry returned to the United States.

Although his brother Harry remained alone in London for some time after Charles and Camilla left for Sandringham, according to consistent media reports, there was no meeting between Harry and Camilla. Prince William. William was acting King Charles A busy royal schedule on the day of Harry's visit.

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King Charles: Were you surprised by Harry's well-meaning gesture?

The latter of whom was not generally supportive of Harry The British media landscape is at least assumedthat King Charles and Prince William were surprised by his “well-meaning visit”. This is supported by the fact that after his arrival, Harry did not stay at one of the royal properties, but rather in a hotel. In addition, the King actually wanted to relax at Sandringham much earlier, away from the public.

In addition to his father, Prince William also takes care of his wife, Duchess Kate (42 years old), who also suffers from health problems. (piece/spot/pack)
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