June 21, 2024

Group event in alpine skiing - Switzerland wants to write the next golden fairy tale

Group event in alpine skiing – Switzerland wants to write the next golden fairy tale


In the Battle of the Nations in Alpine Skiing, Switzerland is the frontrunner. Can Austria take revenge for 2018?


Luminous faces wherever you look

In 2018, Switzerland celebrated gold.

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Does Switzerland really fill half a dozen? Slots from Swiss-Ski have already won the Olympic Games in China. 5 gold medals in the Alps – no country has achieved this before Switzerland. At Saturday’s team event, that massive payout could be bypassed. But the competition is tough – and you should be in the mood for revenge.


  • Switzerland: Of course, Switzerland, as the Olympic champion Pyeongchang, is one of the best candidates – even more so after the successes of the past few days. In 2018, Denise Feierabend, Wendy Holdener, Ramon Zenhäusler, Daniel Yule and Luca Aerni celebrated the gold medal. In addition, the Swiss skateboarding team triumphed at the VR World Championships in 2019. Andrea Ellenberger, Holdner, Camille Rast, Ernie, Gino Caviezel and Justin Maurizier were signed up this year.
  • Austria: Our eastern neighbors had to settle for second place in Pyeongchang and R. So you literally have to burn for revenge. They are led by the parallel world giant slalom champion Katharina Linsberger.
  • Norway: As world champion (in Cortina 2021), Norway is also a hot medal contender in Beijing. In addition, the Norwegians have been on the Olympic podium for 4 years. In addition, the Scandinavian team should take advantage of the fact that the race will be held with giant slalom gates.

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Bad weather conditions in Yanqing cause another program change. The Saturday team event must be advanced by 1 hour until 3:00 AM CET. You can follow the race live from 2:50 a.m. on the SRF Zwei and in the SRF Sports App.

Insider Tips

Sweden He won medals in 5 of the last 6 world championships. Germany Won the bronze medal in Cortina 2021, Italia He won the bronze medal in the 2019 World Championships and has rich experience with 3 medals in Olympic and World Championships (Federica Brignoni, Marta Pacino and Luca de Alibrandini). also appointed to United States of America Judge: For Michaela Shiffrin, this is the last chance to leave Beijing with a medal in his bags.

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The race takes place in the form of a parallel slalom with giant slalom gates. Every nation provides two athletes. There is always the possibility of using backup runners.

Each duel contains four runs, and the winner of the round gets a point for their team. The first and third rounds will be women against women, and the second and fourth race against men. If the score is 2:2 after 4 runs, it is decided to add the times of the best man and the best woman on the team.

Duels in the round of 16

  • Slovenia – Canada
  • France – Czech Republic
  • Norway – Poland
  • Italy – Russian choice
  • USA – Slovakia
  • Germany – Sweden
  • Switzerland – China

With only 15 countries registered, Austria enjoys a farewell to the Round of 16 and only races into the quarter-finals.

The podium in Pyeongchang

  • 1. Switzerland – Consists of Feierabend, Holdener, Zenhäusler, Yule and Aerni
  • 2. Austria – Consists of Linsberger, Michael Matt, Katharina Galhuber and Marco Schwartz
  • 3. Norway – Comprised of Sebastian Voss Solivage, Nina Haver Luseth, Kristen Lisdale, Liv Christian Nystfold Haugen, Jonathan Nordbotten, Maren Skold

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