7:3 win over Lakers – after 0:3 series deficit: HCD “Belle” forces – Sport

  • Davos wins Game Six at home against the Lakers 7-3.
  • Grisons tied the playoff series after a 0:3 to 3:3 deficit.
  • On Wednesday there will be a decisive seventh match in Rapperswil-Gona. The winner will meet the qualifying winner Zug in the semifinals.
  • The ZSC Lions beat Biel at home 3-1 . “Belle” and advance to the semi-finals. There they met Freiburg.

HCD is finally back: only for the fifth time has a team managed to equalize a best streak of 7 after leading 3-0. Previously, Lugano (2006), Zug (2007), Bern (2011) and Biel (2013) succeeded – as did Davos (2008). Only Byrne and Biel lost “Belle”, and the other three teams took the momentum with them.

Hit all four aliens HCD

HCD was able to thank the outsiders and his own competence that the deciding match of this quarter-final series will now take place in Rapperswil-Jona on Wednesday. All succeeded from the quartet of Matthias Bromme, Christian Pospisil, Mattie Stransky and Dennis Rasmussen.

Rasmussen’s goal symbolized that luck was on Davos’ side today. The Swede’s attempt landed on the net, as the disc rebounded and found his way into the goal through the back of unfortunate Lakers goalkeeper Melvin Neveller. It should be 6:2 and thus the final decision at the 52nd minute.

Ampoule as a double target

In addition to foreigners, top scorer Andres Ambul was also able to excel. Davos’ top scorer was the only player to score two goals (4:2 and 7:2).

But not only the old man was cold-blooded: a look at the shot stats shows how ruthlessly efficient Davos is. The Grisons needed only 22 shots to achieve their seven goals. The guests took 26 shots on goal. In addition, the Davosers used all three of the Lakers’ small penalty kicks to score goals.

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The third wild start

The match started with a third wild start with 5 goals. The hosts advanced twice (via Bromney and Jesse Zgrajen) and the guests tied twice. Jeremy Wake scored the first goal after a big bad pass from former Laker Dominic Eagley. Yannick Lennart Albrecht later saved a shot from qualifying top scorer Roman Cervenka.

The third Davos tour only lasted a little longer: Pospisil, Magnus Negren suspended actor and winner of last Saturday’s matchscored 5 seconds before the break in the power game to become 3:2. Halfway through the period, the match finally turned in Davos’ favor after Ambol’s first goal.

Aluminum hits on both sides

Also because Rapperswil wasn’t so lucky in what was probably his best stage. At first, Nando Igenberger only hit the post, before Kali Kosella failed with his shot on the post and the crossbar (31/34).

Later it was Oliver Heinen of Davos who shortened this statistic with his aluminum goal (41). Then Stransky, Rasmussen and Ambul made sure the conditions were clear (47/52/58), before Leandro Profico still tried to make up for the score with 3 seconds left. So obviously the momentum before the decisive seventh game with Davos. The winner of “Belle” can look forward to a semi-final duel with the qualifier winner Zug.

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