Former figure skater Katharina Witt suffers a lot from Valeeva

Camila Valeeva cried bitter tears after freestyle swimming.Photo: cornerstone

After days of uproar over a potential doping offense, snowboarder Camila Valeeva could not stand the inhuman pressure of freestyle swimming. Confused, the only 15-year-old Russian untied her program, fell multiple times and fell from first to fourth.

Immediately after her free style, Valeeva, who immediately received enthusiastic support from the audience, burst into tears.

Soon, terrifying images of Valeeva crying spread around the world. Sports program expert Katharina Witt, who used to be an active skater and twice won the Olympics, has struggled.

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Video: Watson

The German was completely upset and explained that it was unbearable. “Exactly what happened and who should have been protected from. She’s 15, she’s a kid, I’m sorry. You see her sitting there crumbling. She was a shadow of herself, she couldn’t win here.”

Witt also explains that the worst-case scenario has now happened: “He broke it. This 15-year-old had to get out of there, and I think they kicked her out for the world to eat.”

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Medal decisions on February 17, 2022 in Beijing


Medal decisions on February 17, 2022 in Beijing

Source: Keystone / Luca Bruno

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