Great Britain: a passport is required when crossing borders and other entry requirements for truck drivers

From 17 May, new regulations will apply to entry into Great Britain. Although truck drivers have long been exempt from entry restrictions on the islands, there are still a number of rules they should be aware of.

If you work in UK traffic, apply for your passport in time. From October 1, 2021 European Union citizens need a passport to enter the United Kingdom. This should be valid for a period not less than the planned length of stay. ID card from this date It is no longer enough!

The new entry requirements for truck drivers will be posted at website Explained to the UK government. The following are the main ones:

Fill out the form

A must be prior to entering the UK the form Continue. However, you must There is no negative COVID-19 test result Turns out.

Provisions for countries included in the “green” or “amber” list

The countries fall into different colored categories (lists), from “green” to “AMBER” – currently Germany, To “RED”.

Drivers entering countries on the green (such as Portugal) and the amber list (such as Belgium, Denmark, GermanyFrance, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus) have traveled, You should consider the following:

Complete customs formalities With the UK tax and customs authorities.

During this time, you will still need to consider the tests. If you have been in England for more than two days, you must take the test on or before the second day, between the third and fifth and between the sixth and eighth.

If you travel every day, You need to have an antigen test, the COVID-19 side-flow test, at least every three days. This is FreeMore information can be found Here.

Provisions for Turkey only

Drivers who have gone or transited Turkey in the preceding 10 days to reach the UK are not required to be quarantined in a hotel. However, you are required to take the COVID-19 test on or shortly before the second day, between the third and fifth and between the sixth and eighth (if you have been on the islands for more than two days).

Additionally, the truck driver quarantine regulations described above also apply.

Provide evidence

All drivers must be able to prove that they are traveling on a business trip, and therefore for example you should carry a bill of lading or a certificate from their employer with you.

Collaboration: Dorota Ziemkowska, Gregor Gowans

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