June 21, 2024

Gigabyte leak provides details on all 22 . models

Gigabyte leak provides details on all 22 . models

From Valentine Sattler
Gigabyte has published CPU support lists for the new Z790 motherboards and thus details on the full Intel Core 13000 lineup. Intel is said to be planning 22 different models, not all of which are based on the Raptor Lake.

Intel plans to release the first Core 13000 processors from the Raptor Lake family on October 20. By then at the latest, all the details should be known, at least for the first models. If you don’t want to wait until then, you can already take a look at the planned lineup: Gigabyte has published a list of all 22 CPUs planned.

Two families in one generation

Specifically, the company’s website recently began listing the first Z790 motherboards, which in turn allows to see official CPU support lists. In addition to the already known models of the previous generation, all new Core 13000 processors are also listed. The list also contains many specifications – but information about the basic configuration is missing.

Gigabyte lists any of 22 new processors based on the chip. For example, all new i9-13000 and i7-13000 models are said to use the Raptor Lake chip in the B0 step. This should also be used on the fastest i5, Core i5-13600K (F). For the slower models, it seems that Intel wants to rely on the update: all other i5 models are said to be based on the Alder Lake chip with a C0 step, only the Core i5-13400(F) uses the more modern Rocket in an alternate-Lake-TH version. Finally, the listing also mentions three i3 CPUs, all based on Alder Lake in the H0 step.

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In addition to the usual gradients in clock speed, the Gigabyte menu also mentions different levels of cache expansion. Accordingly, Raptor Lake should only be delivered with i9 models with 36MB L3 cache. On the other hand, the entire i7 generation should have 30MB, and it should be 24MB for faster i5 CPUs. The Core i5-1300 (F) is only said to have a 20MB cache, followed by only 12MB i3 CPUs. It will have exactly a third as much cache as the new Intel flagship models. However, in the current Alder Lake generation, the difference is somewhat smaller at 12 versus 30MB.

source: Gigabyte Across Video Cards / Tom’s devices