December 4, 2023

German influence causes excitement in Great Britain

Influencer Leah caused a stir with a special beauty routine. Image: TikTok / Itsmelica


Nathalie Trappe

In recent years, social media has ensured that every piece of news from every corner of the world (and sometimes from other planets) is available around the world within seconds. Natural disasters, dance trends or hype about certain products: headlines on social media determine what we think about the world around us.

This situation is also reinforced by the actions of influencers. Often by sheer coincidence, people who nobody knew a few days ago become trendsetters. A German influencer’s TikTok video currently demonstrates how quickly a trend can go viral and spark excitement abroad.

Over the years, there have been many videos on social media from well-known and lesser-known people about morning routines, evening routines, or “what do I eat in a day” rituals. Influencer Leah Bagdoshvili frequently showcases her beauty routines on TikTok, often sharing styling tips for curly hair.

Tik Tok Hashtag Reveals Special Beauty Routine

However, the hashtag “High Maintenance Low Maintenance” is currently trending on Tik Tok – Leah has also posted several videos about it. What this means is: spend more care or styling effort in the short term to free up more time for other things in the long run.

Leah, better known to her fans by the username Itzamelica, shared a new makeup routine on the beauty hashtag that will make her look even better overnight. Among the comments on her video, one henna pen in particular is causing a stir.

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“The only way I can look good at 8 in the morning,” Leah calls her video, which now has nearly a million views. The custom described therein extends to the British “Daily Mail” Done.

The influencer doesn’t use henna-colored pens to draw on fake freckles like others, but rather her entire face. First she traces the edge of her upper lip, then she draws soft contours on her cheeks and forehead, and then blends everything with a brush.

Users show enthusiasm for the new beauty hack — and a touch of sarcasm

In TikTok’s comments section, Leah gushes about her beauty hack.. “Why didn’t I think of this before?” A user writes: “Ingenuity,” write more.

In the second video, the influencer from Lübeck shows off the results of his new routine the next morning. She uses a cleansing cloth to wipe the remaining color from her cheeks. “I don’t want to see your pillow,” one follower was amused by another comment.

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A few months ago, Itsmelica’s videos had less than 1,000 views. Her “high maintenance” routine may have led to her big breakthrough on social media.

In current posts, the influencer is now trying to create more tips for evening routines. Under the hashtag “High Maintenance Low Maintenance,” he is, as expected, far from the initiative.

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