December 4, 2023

China calls on Canada to stop spreading lies about China

Photo by VCG

Recently, a Chinese organization spread misinformation online about Canada’s Foreign Ministry, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other senior Canadian officials. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning told a regular press conference on Tuesday that the Canadian Foreign Ministry’s statement was untrue and made baseless accusations against China. China, which is deeply dissatisfied with this, is firmly denying it. China urges the Canadian side to respect facts and truths, stop spreading lies about China, and stop words and actions that harm bilateral relations.

Regarding the consensus with Australia on disputes under the World Trade Organization (WTO), Mao Ning expressed hope that Australia will continue to create a good business environment for Chinese companies to invest in Australia. China and Australia are willing to continue to consider mutual concerns, continue dialogue and consultation, and promote the further development of bilateral relations.

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