June 21, 2024

Shock instead of quarter-final for Austria: 2:4 against Great Britain

It ended with a shock Ice Hockey World Cup In Prague Austria. Instead of winning against consistently relegated teams England A chance for that quarter final To keep it open, it put something painful 2:4 defeat. That meant the evening game between Switzerland and Finland was meaningless for Austria. The Finns advanced to the quarter-finals against the Swedes as Austria dropped points.

After victories against Finland And Norway And won with the score of 1:6 Canada (6:7 nV) Austria is in the top 10 of the competition, but this year could have been much more.

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It happened to the British on Tuesday 16,300 visitors About respect. Best striker of 2021 and top scorer in world cup Liam Kirk No longer in the team. The Austrian team played well from the start, but did not consistently play towards the goal. Especially those Rossi-Schneider-Zwerger– The line initially ran a merry-go-round with the British. Former Cross goalie Ben Bounce He managed to keep his goal clean.

Austrian goalkeeper David Kickert He regained confidence after two wins in this tournament. Every World Cup win since 2011 Bernhard Starkbaum He stood at the gate. Vienna ended her career last year.

The defenders made it 1-0 Clemens Underweger On the power play (23rd). But an unnecessary double penalty against the Austrians brought the English back into the game. After 1:1 O’Connor With a 5-3 majority (28th), the nature of the game suddenly changed completely. With the Compromise, Austria lost its sovereignty. Englishman Dowd (30.) And Mosey (33.) Had a better chance to score the second goal. Now the Austrians reacted and had to respond to rescue efforts Kickers hope

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Things get even worse in the final third. After a conviction against Thomas Raffle achieved Berlini 2:1 for the English (42nd). Austria could no longer find a thread in the game. Now the game is reminiscent of the 2022 relegation game in which Austria were 3-1 down in the final third.

Then the game was won by the score of 5:3. There was no breakthrough on Tuesday as Austria’s leading players completely lost their form. At 1:3 Mosey (51.) By 4:1 Dowd (56.) was Kickers Already ejected from the ice for the sixth fielder. Then met Mario Huber Final score on power play 2:4 (60.)