December 4, 2023

GeForce 546.01 Game Ready: Driver brings optimizations and DLSS 3 for six new games

On the last day of the month, Nvidia is releasing the fourth game-ready driver for October 2023. Today, there are improvements for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Jusant, RoboCop: Rogue City, and Desynced. There are also more new games with DLSS 3 and six new G-Sync compatible monitors.

Improvements and DLSS 3 for six new games

The fall, which is full of new games, also affects many new graphics drivers. The GeForce 546.01 WHQL released today marks Nvidia’s fourth new GPU driver for gamers in October and is specifically optimized for the new Call of Duty game. Modern Warfare III won’t be released until November 7, but will be playable starting Thursday for impatient pre-orders. GeForce users can look forward to DLSS Supersolution as well as DLAA, DLSS Frame Generation, and Nvidia Reflex. However, the GPU manufacturer doesn’t have any preliminary benchmark results ready.

Things are different with Don’t Nod’s Jusant climber, which also features DLSS Super and DLSS Frame Generation resolution.

DLSS 3 benchmarks in Jusant (Image: Nvidia)

And also to the first-person shooter, which was also implemented in Unreal Engine 5 and will be released on November 2nd Robocop: Rogue City Nvidia offers standards with DLSS Supersolution and DLSS Frame Generation.

DLSS 3 benchmarks in RoboCop: Rogue City (Image: Nvidia)

Talos Principle 2 will also be released at the same time, also with DLSS Supersolution, DLSS Frame Generation, and Nvidia Reflex.

DLSS 3 benchmarks in Talos Principle 2 (Image: Nvidia)

The co-op shooter was already out last week rip out appeared, and now Nvidia offers benchmarks.

Benchmarks for using DLSS 3 when out of sync (Image: Nvidia)

The new driver has also been improved for the sci-fi strategy game asynchronouswhich has been in early access since August 2023. On November 16, an update added support for DLSS 3, but Nvidia can’t provide any benchmarks yet.

Six additional displays are G-Sync compatible

The GeForce 546.01 also comes with official support for six additional G-Sync compatible displays. The main forms and data can be found in the table below.

New screens compatible with G-Sync

Fixed bugs that remain open

As is usual with every new graphics driver, Nvidia includes them in the official software Release notes (PDF) And also in GForce Forum All fixed bugs, open but already known bugs and issues.

Fixed bug list

  • [Halo Infinite] Loading times increased after updating to driver 545.84 [4337526]
  • [Halo Infinite] Significant performance drops are observed on Maxwell-based GPUs. [4052711]
  • Windows Event Viewer incorrectly logs an error when NVTOPPS stops [4331318]
  • LG C3 OLED TV not showing up as a verified G-SYNC compatible display in NVIDIA Control Panel [4247350]
  • Stable propagation leads to a significant drop in performance after a driver update [4166994] – The solution shown here

List of known bugs but still open

  • A new NVIDIA icon is created in the system tray every time the user switches on Windows. [4251314]
  • [Discord] When streaming gameplay, colors may appear muted [4349586]
  • Transparency effects in Windows 10 are not displayed correctly after a driver update [4335862]
  • Small checkerboard-like patterns may appear randomly in Chromium-based applications [3992875]
  • [GeForce GTX 10/RTX 20 series] Computer may freeze/debug randomly when GPU Accelerated Scheduling is enabled for Windows devices and NVIDIA SLI [4009884]
  • A horizontal band may appear when cloning a G-SYNC display to an HDMI display [4103923]
  • [Alienware X17 R2 w/ GeForce RTX 3080 Ti] The screen goes blank when playing a DirectX game while the laptop is in dedicated GPU mode [4146369]
  • [RTX 4060 Ti] The screen may randomly flicker with a black bar appearing at the top of the screen when using desktop applications [4239893]
  • Brightness levels may not be applied correctly when playing SDR videos in Chrome while HDR is enabled from Windows Settings [4336461] -> It will be resolved in a future Chrome update. The fix is ​​available at Latest Chrome Canary

Download on ComputerBase

As usual, GeForce 546.01 WHQL and the current version of Nvidia GeForce Experience can be downloaded directly below this post from the ComputerBase download area. The new graphics driver for Windows targets all GeForce accelerators from the GTX 900 onwards as well as the GTX 750 Ti, GTX 750 and GTX 745 graphics cards released in 2014, i.e. all models since Nvidia Maxwell and also all Titan graphics cards since the Titan


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