December 4, 2023

Android for RISC-V: Google outlines plans

Google explained progress on porting Android to the RISC-V processor architecture, which was announced at the beginning of the year. Accordingly, there are now enough patches for the free version of Android (AOSP, Android Open Source Project) to get an emulator that works with RISC-V, such as a short GIF video In the blog entry Offers.


However, the Android ART runtime and compiler are not yet fully optimized. Fixed the RISC-V extensions required by AOSP at least: rva22, vector, and vector crypto. RISC-V-NDK should be ready this year and the simulator will be ready in 2024.

The first devices to feature the new processors will likely be wearables, in collaboration with Qualcomm, which announced a few days ago that it will also develop a device with RISC-V in addition to all of its ARM processors. It is still not clear whether we are talking about simple fitness bracelets like Fitbit Charge or smart watches. Until now, smartwatches with a version of Android and Wear OS and ARM processors could barely last more than a day, while fitness bracelets from Google subsidiary Fitbit currently have a battery life of a week or more.


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