June 17, 2024

From Canada to Lake Constance: Albin Lindgren replaces: Skylar Pacheco EV Lindau becomes Islanders' new defenseman

From Canada to Lake Constance: Albin Lindgren replaces: Skylar Pacheco EV Lindau becomes Islanders’ new defenseman

On the opening day of the league against Bassa, EV managed to fill the vacant contingent defender position at Lindau Islands. Skylar Pacheco will take the position of Albin Lindgren, who will not return to Linda due to serious family reasons after returning to Sweden. The Canadian defender thus occupies a third-string position alongside strikers Martin Myrich and Arturs Shevchenko and has already played for Lindauer against Basa and in Klostersee. “I like everything I’ve seen so far,” said the Canadian in good spirits upon arrival.

Newcomer from France

Skylar Pacheco joins EV Lindau Islanders from Amiens (France). The Canadian with the number 93 will skate for the Lindauers. “We tried again to find a player with good skating skills, and we succeeded in that with Skyler. He plays a good first pass and should play an important role on special teams. It’s an advantage for us that he already knows Orders and him. A lot of information from him about EV Lindau. Got it,” Islanders sporting director Milo Markovic said of the accidental player transfer.

From the “Motherland” of Ice Hockey

New Islanders defenseman Skyler Pacheco is 178 cm tall, weighs 79 kg and was born on August 1, 1994 in Kitimat, British Columbia (BC). Pacheco began his ice hockey career in Canada, the home of ice hockey. Brock continued to play for the university from 2015-2020, where he had 76 points in 150 games as a defender. After that, he went abroad for the first time, more precisely to Amiens in France, where he spent the last two seasons of his first professional years. He was on the ice 70 times for the French and scored 29 points. “Before my visit to Amiens, I played in Canada for a long time. But now I think it’s time to do something new. Linda’s offer was a good opportunity that I wanted to take advantage of,” said Skyler Pacheco.

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Old acquaintances in the team

In France, Pacheco had already been on the ice for a season with Arturs Shevchenko. This reduces the familiarization phase in Linda and definitely makes the game easier. “It’s an advantage to already know one of your team members,” concluded the Canadian. When Skylar Pacheco managed to shine with three assists, you could already see how well Lindauer’s short-term integration worked in the game in Gloucestershire.

Farewell to Albin Lindgren

It is also clear that Albin Lindgren will not be returning to Linda with the new signing. After the training camp in Groton, the defender returned to Sweden for serious family reasons.