September 29, 2023

Formula 1 2023 results British GP: Who will have the best time in free practice at Silverstone?

The Formula 1 season is in full swing. Next comes the competition for racing drivers. They will compete in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone from July 7 to 9. In the result ticker, you can find out how the pros are performing.

The British Grand Prix is ​​the next race of the Formula 1 season. Image: Picture Alliance/dpa/ANP | Remco Deval

In the current Formula 1 season, races Max Verstappen All of them. In the race at Spielberg, the motorsport professional managed to take another victory. Can he continue his winning streak at Silverstone? The Great Britain Grand Prix is ​​on the agenda for him and other racing drivers from July 7 to 9.

So you can follow British Grand Prix live on TV and live stream

Formula 1 British Grand Prix: Schedule for all free practice sessions, qualifying sessions and races on Spielberg

Date Start Time (CEST) In the column
Friday, 07/07/2023 1.30 pm 1. Free training
Friday, 07/07/2023 17 hours Eligibility
Saturday, 07/08/2023 12.30 p.m 2. Exercise
Saturday, 07/08/2023 4 pm Sprints
Sunday, 07/08/2023 4 pm Run

British Grand Prix: All Silverstone’s results at a glance

All current results from free practice, qualifying and racing, as well as all current information about the GP at Silverstone can be found here on the results ticker.

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