July 15, 2024

Canada and allies are taking Iran to the International Court of Justice

Canada and allies are taking Iran to the International Court of Justice

Canada, Britain, Sweden and Ukraine took Iran to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 2020 over the downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane. The countries have demanded compensation for the families of the 176 passengers who died in the crash. They accused Iran of violating “numerous obligations” under the Civil Aviation Treaty.

In January 2020, a Boeing 737-800 with flight number PS752 was accidentally shot down on a flight from Tehran to Kiev, according to the Iranian Armed Forces. All 176 passengers died. Three days after the crash, Iranian officials admitted responsibility and spoke of a “mistake”.

Several citizens of Canada, Great Britain, Sweden and Ukraine were on board. Last month, the four countries announced they would go to the UN Supreme Court. They say Iran shot it down in violation of the 1971 Multilateral Agreement on Defense of Civil Aviation. Efforts to initiate binding mediation with Iran have failed.

The four countries called on the ICJ to “order full compensation for all damages” suffered by the victims and their families. Iran must also return the victims’ belongings and publicly acknowledge its “international illegal acts”. (AFP)

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