July 15, 2024

Derer |  “Canada” |  A new one faces doubts

Derer | “Canada” | A new one faces doubts

Self-doubt, search, search, lose yourself. A very human process that everyone goes through. Thuringian independent rock duo Duerer dedicates their new song “Canada” to the resulting pervasive feelings. Check out the video for the song at the bottom of our page.

As much as the two young Duerer (named Daniel Matz and Danny Müller-Sixer) appear in “Canada” – the song isn’t quite the upbeat anthem “Push-you-through-the-isis.” Instead, the two are interested in looking at a wide angle and questioning the pressure to act that the crisis brings with it, in short: “Canada” creates a space where no one is.

Because that is exactly what “Canada” is. Not a goal to be achieved – or achievable at all – but one goal state of mind, where everything is open: “Everyone has already gone through their own personal ‘Canada’. That is, when it is not clear where to go, what you want in life. The word ‘Canada’ is a metaphor for this expedition, which we more or less made behind us with another or which we still have to stand behind us.”

In the video, two members of the band can be seen wandering through a forest – one carrying a bag, the other with a mannequin – until they meet in an open field. The result of their encounter was a retrospective in rapid motion: the visual representation of the moment of reflection already set in the text.

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Recently, Duerer released EP “Zugvogel” in 2019, and its release was accompanied by a short tour. “Canada” is the first taste of their debut album planned for 2022.