Forget Xbox Series X restocking: This is the best time to purchase a console

The Xbox X Series It’s here – if you can find one. However, if you’ve got it wrong with your attempts to find Microsoft’s next-generation console, I have some good news: You don’t really need one yet. Since the Xbox Series X plays the same games as the Xbox One (or a good gaming PC), you can safely wait until next year, and finish the backlog in the meantime.

However, if the time isn’t right now to buy the Xbox Series X, then when will it be – if it’s ever time? While it is relatively easy to answer this question for PS5 (“When more exclusive games emerge”), it’s hard to do with the Xbox Series X. This is because the X Series is just one component of Microsoft’s larger gaming ecosystem, not necessarily the focal point.

The truth is, when you buy the Xbox Series X it’s pretty random, since you’ll have access to most of the same games on the console you currently own – and soon, you won’t need a gaming system at all.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Series X games and the Xbox ecosystem

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