July 17, 2024

Forest fires in Russia continue to deteriorate, smoke reaches the USA

Forest fires in Russia continue to deteriorate, smoke reaches the USA

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The global impact of wildfires is increasing. Fires are currently burning in Russia, Canada and the United States. Rescue workers fight the flames.

Frankfurt – There are increasing numbers of devastating wildfires all over the world, including Russia, Canada and the USA. Russian reconnaissance pilot Svyatoslav Kolesov told CNN that the fires will also break out in places “there has never been a fire before.”

Kolesov could not do his job on Tuesday (July 20, 2021) because the smoke in the far eastern Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in Siberia was too thick. Because with such poor visibility it is dangerous to fly the plane. Kolesov is the main pilot of the air control center in the region. And he talked about the outbreak of new fires in the north of the region, “in places that did not witness fires last year and did not witness fires before.”

Forest fires in Siberia (Russia): “villages threatened by toxic smoke”

Kolesov said the Sakha Republic in Siberia is known to be prone to forest fires, but the flames are different this year. Researchers have been warning of increasing wildfires for years. These can also occur in unusual places. In addition, it is expected to become larger and denser. ZDF reported today that “more than 60 villages in Siberia […] Currently threatened by toxic smoke [sind]. “

Residents of the US state of Alaska can also attest to the extent of wildfires in Siberia. This is where the smoke from the Russian fires is currently spreading. But the United States itself was not spared from dangerous flames. Wildfires in the United States are coming on more often, and are bigger and more intense due to climate change.

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Wildfires threaten lives in the United States and Canada

Smoke from an “illegal” barrel fire in Oregon is currently spreading across the continent. On Wednesday (July 21, 2021) one can observe the “severe red sunrise”, the “smell of wildfires” and the “dense brown fog” in New York City. Additionally, “The Bootleg Fire […] So large and generate so much energy and heat that they create their own clouds and thunderstorms.” CNN announced. Wildfires on the West Coast of the United States have caused massive air pollution in New York.

Instead of a major wildfire, the Canadian province of British Columbia is currently battling 300 wildfires. For this reason, a state of emergency was declared there as of Wednesday. The fire brigade is about to fight the flames with depth charges and hoses. Additionally, wildfires have served to contain wildfires. Because of climate change, the next heat wave with wildfires is already heading towards the United States and Canada.

Russia, Canada, USA: Experts agree that wildfires can have global consequences

Experts fear more fires around the world with global impacts on landscapes, people and climate. Smoke can darken surfaces and thus accelerate global warming. Mark Barrington, chief scientist at Copernicus’ Atmospheric Monitoring Service, said that released carbon that has been stored in trees for “thousands of years” could also have “spillover effects”.

according to The World Wide Fund for Nature owns wildfires “In many regions of the world the processes are completely natural.” It is not a good sign if fires are very violent, occur in unusual places or at unusual times, or if they are piling up more and more. It’s also important to know: According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, only about “four percent of all wildfires” have a “natural cause.” All others are man-made, whether directly or indirectly. (G)

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