December 4, 2023

Ford F-Max: Fuel cell truck is coming

Ford Trucks agreed to collaborate with Ballard Power Systems in August 2023 to develop an F-Max with a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) as part of the EU Horizon Europe ZEFES (Zero Emissions Charging Ecosystem). Ford Heavy Vehicles will work with Ballard to supply and develop the fuel cells as part of this project.

The letter of intent states that Ballard Power Systems, based in Canada, will deliver two FC-move-XD fuel cell engines with an output capacity of 120 kilowatts in an initial order in 2023.

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Ford F-Max
Ford XXL is coming to Europe

Quantron is supposed to adapt to the drive

In November 2023, Ford Trucks will announce another declaration of intent to work with Quantron. The Gersthofen-based company has made a name for itself as a converter of diesel trucks to electric engines. Ford Trucks wants to integrate the e-axle, battery, fuel cell and tank system as well as Quantron’s power management into the F-Max. As mentioned earlier, the fuel cell used comes from Ballard. Data for the Quantron’s zero-emission engine was not provided.

The F-Max with the fuel cell engine will be developed and produced in Turkey. The first tests of the fuel cell prototype are scheduled to take place in the transport network across Europe from 2025.

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Quantron Energon fuel cell truck
Hydrogen truck from Bavaria

In addition to using hydrogen in fuel cells, the commercial vehicle manufacturer also continues to work on hydrogen combustion engines. Ford Trucks is currently testing hydrogen combustion for the first time using a single-cylinder in-line research engine for heavy commercial vehicles. In this context, the first start-up and ignition of the engine was successfully carried out. In collaboration with CMB-Tech, Ford is also converting truck fuel into dual-fuel hydrogen combustion engines. The conversion process requires no modifications to a conventional diesel engine, simply adding a hydrogen injection loop to the air line. However, dual fuel technology is classified as a temporary solution only.

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Ford electric truck
The future will be electric

Ford Trucks is committed to achieving zero-emission production of heavy-duty vehicles by 2040 to combat the effects of climate change. The first electric truck was presented at the IAA 2022 Commercial Vehicles Show.


Ford is developing fuel cell engines for its heavy-duty trucks. Fuel cell specialist Ballard and German converter Quantron are participating in the project as partners. The first test trucks are scheduled to run on European roads from 2025.

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