December 4, 2023

For health reasons: Drake wants to take a break for at least a year

Drake withdraws until further notice. Image: Cathy Hutchins /

All Drake fans need to be strong now: the star announced that he will likely take at least a year off. He cites health problems as a reason.

Canadian star Drake (36 years old) was forced to give his millions of fans around the world some unpleasant news. Like it out loud American “People” website Unveiled on Friday 6 October in the ‘Table For One’ radio format, he will have to take a break for the time being. He cites health problems as a reason, but is immediately reassured: “It’s nothing serious. But I want people to live their lives healthy. I’ve been suffering from the strangest stomach problems for several years.”

Only when he gets the problem under control does he want to devote himself to music again. So he can’t say exactly how long he plans to retire from show business. “I’m going to be closing the studio door for a while. I don’t even know what ‘some time’ means. Maybe a year or so, maybe a little longer.”

When looking at The artist’s official page It’s notable: When it comes to dates for his current “It’s All A Blur” tour, the only date remaining is next Saturday (October 7) in Toronto. For five other dates, all in the USA, only “TBD” is written (“to be determined”).

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His new record just came out

A blessing in disguise for all Drake fans: Drake just released his eighth album, “For All The Dogs.” For now, his fans can console themselves about the bad news with new songs. The new tall player is sure to be a hit again.

In September 2018, Drake broke an old Beatles record: all 25 songs from his album “Scorpion” were on the Billboard 100, seven of them in the top ten. His previous work, “Honestly, Nevermind,” was released just last year and achieved Drake’s best chart position to date in Germany, No. 3.