April 25, 2024

Football: Prödl finally draws the line

Football: Prödl finally draws the line

Prödl also caused a sensation at the U-20 World Cup in 2007, when he led the ÖFB team to fourth place. At that point, the defender already had great team experience, but after the tournament in Canada, things really improved. “We had a great team at the time and an excellent coach, Paul Glodowitz. In Canada, I developed the desire and quality to show that I really could do it,” Braudel recalls.

In addition to Gludovatz, Prödl also mentioned Franco Voda and Thomas Schaaf as formative coaches in an interview with the APA. Under the previous team, the then youngster made the leap to become a regular Sturm player, and under Schaaf he established himself at Werder in the Bundesliga.

Prödl ends his career

Sebastian Braudel announced the end of his sports career. The 34-year-old drew a line in a successful career.

Light and shadow at the end of the journey

Then he moved to Watford in the big stage of the English Premier League. “I showed my best in football there. Styrian kept the division regularly with the underdog, reached the FA Cup final and was named Player of the Season by Watford fans in 2017. It was a huge honour,” Braudel confirmed. .

The commitment to Udinese, Watford’s partner, went less than desired. The former ÖFB international came to northern Italy with a knee injury. He would have been fit for the final eight months of his contract but was never used again. In addition, there were unpleasant background noises such as contract disputes and lost payments. In the end, Prödl was able to win and a lawsuit was avoided.

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JEBA / American Press

Prödl was already in charge at a young age – eg as captain of the U20 team

With the move to Udinese, the defender was hoping to make himself interesting again for the national team and the 2021 European Cup. The fact that this wish was not fulfilled does not leave a bad taste. “I have nothing to blame myself for, I’ve tried everything,” said Styria.

“It was a great trip”

He played his last international match on October 16, 2018, with a 0-2 draw in Denmark, and his last official match on October 29, 2019 with a 0-2 draw at Watford in the English Premier League Cup at Everton Stadium. After his contract with Udinese expired last year, he is still toying with the idea of ​​continuing his career. “There were offers and prospects, but none of them appealed to me. Due to negative experiences in the past few years due to injuries and lack of interest, I lost the desire and energy to revive myself again.”

Josef Poulsen (Denmark) and Sebastian Braudel (Austria)

Geba / Christian Orth

Neither Braudel nor his opponent spared himself until the end – like here the Danish striker Josef Poulsen

Engagements in Australia or America appealed to him, but did not materialize. Now it’s time to make the final official. Braudel admitted, “Mentally speaking, it’s not easy to say, it’s been a great ride with so many ups and downs.”

Ready for the next step

Now he is looking forward. Prödl is a television expert, complete the UEFA management course and is an investor on the supervisory board of Wiener Austria. There he wants to support the people involved, but not himself be an activist. “I don’t need to be in the public eye. I have to learn everything first.”

Prödl is not aiming for a coaching career, at least not for the time being. “So far, it’s just not in my head. It is often the case in Austria after 70 caps you are pushed into jobs you can’t do yet. The father of two daughters, who now lives in Vienna, explained, ‘I would like to act further away from the Austrian track.’ For his services to the national team, Braudel will be honored by the Austrian Football Association on June 10, immediately before the France match at the Hubble Stadium, and will be accepted into the Legends Club.

Sporting director Peter Schoettle said in a statement from the federation: “On behalf of the Austrian Football Association, I would like to thank Sebastian Braudel for his commitment and the work he did for the national team for eleven years. I got to know him as an absolute captain and a personal player who helped shape a generation and I appreciate him very much. as a person.”