March 3, 2024

Waterskiing aces were trained at WWSC in Florida

Waterskiing aces were trained at WWSC in Florida

Astin / Orlando. World surfing champion Bianca Schall and her younger sister Nadine and David Bodingbauer dared to make their way to America despite very strict entry regulations in the United States.

“We hadn’t sweated a lot before the training camp,” smiles Bianca Schall. In order to allow training on US soil, one had to apply for a permit to stay, which lasted for a week and a half before the start of the boot camp. So far, no one from Europe’s surfing scene has been able to travel to the US, which is why they shuddered to the end. Nevertheless, the three athletes showed perseverance and willpower. The joy was even greater when I was on the plane to Orlando, Florida.

Train next to the alligator

Even if the sunny condition shows its cooler side, Bodingbauer and the two Schall sisters can’t be kept out of the water and worked on their style with coach Franz Oberleitner. Domestic alligators can be heard, but they have hidden from the cold temperatures on the surface of the water. “I often prefer to see the reptiles lying somewhere, so at least I know where they are exactly. So I only heard their voices, which are very close,” says Nadine Schall. Not only did the lower temperatures prevent the alligators from coming out, but the spring-like conditions also prevented blisters on their hands. “But you shouldn’t underestimate this, because even in cold weather, constant pulling and pressure on your palm can cause blisters. So, we still protect our hands with sports tape before every trip,” explains Bodingbauer. After a two-week training camp with Franz Oberletner, the three are WWSC aces ready for a successful waterslide season.

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