February 24, 2024

Flights for certification: Boeing 737 Max 10 takes big step toward approval

This time, the manufacturer is on schedule: Boeing has received FAA approval to flight test the 737 MAX 10 for certification.

Boeing needs the largest version of the 737 MAX as a counterpart to the Airbus A321neo – financially, too. In January 2023, the US aircraft manufacturer said it expects the 737-10 to “begin flight testing for FAA certification in 2023, and to be first delivered in 2024.” At least the first part is successful.

“The 737-10 has received FAA approval to begin certification test flights,” Boeing announced on Wednesday, November 22. This is a milestone on the road to approval for passenger transport operations. FAA is an abbreviation for the Federal Aviation Administration and the name of the aviation authority in the United States of America.

The Boeing 737 Max has 10 new programs

The Max 10 is getting new software as an added safety feature, especially under pressure from European aviation authority ESA. This performs a separate calculation of the angle of attack and thus complements the two physical angles of attack of the sensors.

The US Congress exempted the Max 10 and Max 7 from the obligation to make further cockpit modifications by the end of 2022. The conference also attached requirements for some retrofits for all Max models within three years.

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