February 25, 2024

Without Western components: Russia’s MS-21 will not make its maiden flight this year

The first fully Russian MS-21 was actually supposed to take off in 2023. But nothing came of it. It takes longer to replace Western components.

The new Russian aircraft MS-21 is already late. Due to Western sanctions resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the originally planned engines from manufacturer Pratt & Whitney could no longer be used. From the beginning, the machine had to be based exclusively on Russian PD-14 engines.

The next challenge: replacing more imported parts and systems with Russian counterparts. This should actually be achieved before the end of 2023, including the maiden flight of the first MS-21 without Western components. But this first flight will not take place until next year, Oleg Nesterov, deputy general director of the manufacturer Yakovlev, said at the Aerospace Science Week, the Aviatorschina portal reported.

33 out of 36 systems are still in the testing phase

At the end of 2021, a prototype of the MS-21 aircraft with wings made of Russian composite materials and American PW1400G engines flew. Flights supported by Russian PD-14 The West Wings had already happened before. In addition, 36 other systems are on the replacement list, including the auxiliary engine as well as the fuel and hydraulic systems. However, 33 of them are still in the testing phase.

Delivery of the updated MS-21 series is still scheduled to begin in 2024. Yakovlev wants to produce 270 aircraft by 2030.