May 18, 2024

Finland closes its borders with Russia indefinitely

Finland is currently building a border fence on its border with Russia.Photo: AP

Finland's borders with Russia will remain closed indefinitely. The crossings will remain closed until after April 15, the Finnish government announced on Thursday – and in February, Helsinki initially announced a closure until April 14. This means that migrants will not be able to submit asylum claims at border crossings.

Furthermore, the sea crossings at Habasari Island, Noigama Port and Santio Island will be closed to recreational boats from April 15. By closing it to maritime traffic, Finland also wants to prevent targeted migration from Russia in the spring.

Finland, which borders Russia by more than 1,300 kilometers to the east, gradually closed its borders in November. The Finnish authorities accuse Moscow of deliberately bringing illegal asylum seekers to the crossings in order to cause problems for the European Union and NATO. The Kremlin denied this.

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