May 21, 2024

A flood of cancer cases will soon hit many countries

About 20 million cancer cases and 9.7 million cancer-related deaths will be recorded worldwide in 2022. Scientists are now warning that these numbers could be much higher within a few years.

In a published study, the scientific director of the American Cancer Society, William Dahut, predicted that there would be about 35 million cases worldwide. He told CNN that the reason for this is the increasing population and aging. But Dahut also warns that expectations could be exceeded significantly if more people use tobacco and become obese.

Low-income countries are particularly affected, as tobacco and obesity, which cause cancer, are becoming increasingly common there. It is a worrying trend.

In addition, these countries generally do not have the means to detect cancer early. Dahut says treatments there are often worse than in rich countries. “We are concerned about the high rate of cases and deaths.”

Bilal Siddiqui, an oncologist at the University of Texas, tells CNN that half of cancer cases are preventable. He recommends age-appropriate examinations and lifestyle changes: quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption and exercising.

He confirms that the study shows that cancer has become a major problem in middle and low-income areas. “Cancer is a tidal wave coming to these countries.” In many of these areas, there are hardly any preventive checks.

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