May 24, 2024

Record temperatures – Will April be warmer than ever? – Meteorological

Record temperatures – Will April be warmer than ever? – Meteorology – SRF

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  • It will be record warm this weekend. In many places, the maximum values ​​are higher than the average summer day.
  • New record temperatures were recorded, especially at high altitudes and supported by winds, in the Fühn and northwestern Switzerland regions.
  • In the lowlands, due to relatively long, cold nights, forecasts only show new record temperatures in some places, which previously occurred mostly in the second half of the month.
  • A load of Saharan dust above us could heat the air near the ground slightly less than expected.


At 25 to 28 degrees, the maximum values ​​are well above the seasonal average (red line). On Tuesday, temperatures return to “normal” levels with a cold front.

SRF Meteorology / ECMWF ENS

Warmer during the day than in summer

On an average summer day, maximum temperatures in the lowlands range between 22 and 26 degrees. So the weather will be warmer through Monday than usual in the summer. However, the nights are now longer so the temperature drops to 9 to 5 degrees in the lowlands. In midsummer, the average low temperature is around 13 degrees.

Especially in mountainous and wind-influenced areas (the Fühn valleys and the southwesterly winds in northwestern Switzerland), the expected temperatures exceed their highest levels of the previous April.

Uncertainty desert dust

There is already a shipment of Saharan dust on its way to Central Europe on Friday. The largest amounts are found to our west, but especially on Sunday and Monday, the “desert salute” obscures the sky and sunlight. This can moderate near-surface temperatures. However, there are some doubts. For example, it is still unclear at what altitude most Saharan dust reaches, and how it increases the density of cloud fields and thus reduces solar radiation.

Meteorology April 5, 2024 at 7:55 p.m

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