May 27, 2024

F1 Manager 2024 offers new features

( – Formula 1 fans who prefer to make decisions themselves rather than sit in a virtual Formula 1 cockpit will be able to play on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Summer One begins a new season as team president. Border developments have with F1 Manager 2024 He announced the third title in the franchise and promises some innovations for the 2024 season.

The new Formula 1 Manager season begins in the summer

In addition to the 24 Grand Prix calendar, new cars and team bosses as well as the changing format of Formula 1 racing, players can look forward to creating their own team for the first time and thus being able to challenge established racing teams. . All decisions are in the hands of the players.

Through a comprehensive new mentality system and dynamic contract negotiations, team bosses can control the motivations of drivers and employees and connect them to the team. The risk is improving artificial intelligence, which not only competes for staff and drivers, but also creates more challenges on future race weekends.

So that there's not the slightest chance of things getting boring in the driving center, F1 Manager 2024 also offers a fresh perspective with improved racing behavior and new dynamic cameras that should really make the racing simulation come to life.

More details are expected in the coming weeks and months. First there is the introduction The ad's trailer is 40 seconds long And The first screenshots of the previously shown cars.

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